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Posted by Thuy Dam on

Back in August 2015 I was introduced to Grandmaster David Harris. He introduced me to a structured prayer that is so simple and effective for healing and all sorts of stuff! I do it all the time now and my answers normally show up within the hour. The reason this prayer works is because it applies the law of compliance and gratitude. We are a free will universe so we have to ask, and it depends on who we ask, and then we have to give it permission, and finally close it off with the thank you, acting as if it already happen. I made a video for you. You can laugh because it was when I had insomnia. I was gonna re-do it but now I think its hilarious and imperfectly perfect. I hope it helps you manifest magic and healing. 

The structured prayer is 

Can you....YES

Will you...YES


Thank you


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