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Face Reading with Energetic Clearing

Face Reading with Energetic Clearing

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A one hour session with a mini nine star ki and face reading evaluation and energy clearing to improve a situation in your life. Can be done in person or remotely via Skype.


What is Face Reading?

Chinese face reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which teaches that you were born with a personal blueprint that is yours and yours alone, and that this inner architecture can be seen in your outer design — the features of your face.

The secrets of your inner nature and personal potential are eloquently inscribed in the curve of your cheeks, the shape of your eyes, the contour of your brows, the unique language of your original design.

What is Nine Star Ki?

Nine Star Ki is your hidden symmetry. It takes what the ancient Chinese discovered about how energy moves through time and applies it to your birthdate. (This is not Western astrology or Chinese astrology; nor is it numerology.)

The very same universal principles used in face reading can show you how, on the day you were born, you were imprinted with elegant patterns that have an intricate symmetry and purposeful design.

You can use this knowledge to discover more about your inner design, the themes running through your life experience, and to ride the waves instead of fight the current of your life!

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