Spring Cleaning and Spring CLEARING

March 21, 2016


Spring is here and perhaps its time spruce up your spaces. Clearing the clutter and debris in your home and in your personal life costs you nothing and gives you a sense of rejuvenation. Clutter is trapped energy that has a far-reaching effect physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Clutter makes you feel unorganized, confused, keeps you in the past, congests your body, and leaves you feeling lethargic and tired. Clutter is energy constipation and who needs that?

Ridding yourself of clutter (even things which were once of value to your life) makes room in your life for what you really want and need now.

Ten Tips for Eliminating Clutter

Use the Ultimate Clutter Test ~ Does it lift your energy? Do you use it? Do you love it? If you answer no to these questions, it’s time to let it go.
Give yourself a miniature energy shift ~ Set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes and clear a small area such as a kitchen drawer. You will probably find you are feeling more energized and might have trouble stopping!
Put things away within 30 seconds of using them. ~ How many times have you tossed a magazine on the table, intending to get back to it? Is it still on the coffee table? Just for today, put everything back in its place.
Throw things away often ~ 80% of what is stored or saved is never used again - that applies to papers, clothes, magazines etc. Maybe it’s time to clean out those old files stored on your computer or in your desk?
Make a list of all the unfinished things in your life ~ This could include letters or phone calls you need to make, someone you need to apologize to, an appliance that doesn't work. Then set out to complete these things. They have all been draining your energy.
Do a little clutter busting every day ~ Sort mail daily and file your paperwork. Have a place to put things so you don't waste time looking for them.
Get rid of old clothes ~ For some reason we hang onto clothes thinking they will come back in style or we will lose the weight we need to fit back into them. Ask yourself these questions: “Do my clothes represent who I am now?” “Do they make me feel good about myself?” If your closet is filled with clothes you no longer need, donate them to charity. Open up space in your closet for new things to come in.
Clean out your cupboards and refrigerator ~ Do you have any non-perishable items that you know you won’t eat? Donate them to a food bank or offer them to your neighbor. Get rid of outdated food items in the refrigerator and give it a good cleaning.
Donate books that no longer serve your needs ~ Aim to have a collection of books that represent you as you are today, not who you were in the past.
Think before you buy ~ The next time you go shopping, ask yourself before you buy something, "Do I really love this and need it?”

What am I willing to part with, in order to have this?” A good rule of thumb is to only buy what you really need.

As you identify and release your clutter, you free up the energy held there for more constructive purposes. Your life may take off in ways you never thought possible. 

What you want is available to you, but there may be no room in your home or your life for it! Letting go of what no longer serves you must occur before more treasures can come into your life. Releasing clutter can help you clear life patterns that do not serve you any more. The simple act of clearing clutter can transform your life by releasing negative emotions, generating energy and allowing you to create space in your life for the things you want to achieve.

Begin today by choosing one area to begin with, such as a counter top that has accumulated an entire month of junk mail. You’ll get more, really! Keep the clutter-busting simple. If you look at the whole picture, you might become overwhelmed and not do anything. As you eliminate the clutter from your environment, visualize what it is that you are making room for. This will begin the process of manifestation.

After you clear the clutter, get a space clearing! Space clearing can help:

Make your home feel welcoming
Improve your relationships
Bring your family closer together
Improve your children’s study habits
Improve your health
Help you buy or sell your home or business
Help you succeed in all areas of your life


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