Energetic Clearings for Ghosts

May 23, 2016

Do you believe in ghosts? I use to to be scared of them, it's because I didn't understand them. Ghosts are spirits and most of the time, they do not do harm. Like anything else, they can get out of balance. They also must play by the laws of the universe, they must have compliance to be in your space. You can invite them in, let them be, or ask them to leave. 

I learned from Grandmaster David Harris, there are 3 types of spiritual damage: anomilies, entities, and demons. Anomilies are just fragments that stick to you and spaces. Entitles and demons have different ranges, demons being most harmful.

Recently a friend felt there might be ghosts in her building and had me come do a space clearing.  Her apartment is building was built in the early 1900s and there are about 10 units. After clearing for emotional distress and geopathic stress, I felt them.

My hairs on my arm and head stood up and I got goosebumps because they brought a wind to them. I showed my friend Erika. There were 3 of them and they were children. They were just curious to what I was doing. I talked to them and told them they could visit but not stay. They are to be polite and leave the occupants of the home and things in their order. At the end of the clearing, I put a protection field on her space. 

Don't be afraid of ghost. They are just trying to protect themselves as well. Let them know you come in peace. Sometimes they are just waiting for someone else like in the case of Bud. He's in his dream house he built with his partner. Sometimes they are just bored. I space cleared an apartment complex in Boulder. The new leasing team were more proactive in changes and renovations than the prior management. The ghosts there were wanting to play. 

Hope this brings you more PEACE. Get a clearing and you'll feel more at ease!

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