You don't live in a world, the world lives in YOU

Are the inner corners of your eyes pointed or rounded?

February 26, 2016

If they are pointed it means you have a way with communication. You are concerned with using the correct words, to get across exactly the meaning/feeling you're trying to make. You have an eye for details and creative with your communication technique. 

If your eyes are big and open, especially with the upper lids showing, you are sensitive to criticism. If someone upsets you, you can be very sharp with your words and be carried away with your emotions. There is a benefit and downside to every feature, it's about learning to manage it to be your best self.

So if you are in transition in regards to your career and you have eyes like these, you can excel as a writer, editor, public speaker, tutor, teacher, marketer and salesperson. Can you recognize ways you're precise with communication in your career or your personal life?

If the inner corners of your eyes are rounded, it means you pay attention to being kind with your words, you are careful not to hurt someone's feelings. You would be excellent as a teacher, therapist, coach, manager or caregiver; any role where there's a need to consider people's feelings. Manage the fear of not  saying what needs to be said because you are afraid of hurting someone. You will always say it in the kindest way.