The value of wisdom and aging in your face

February 11, 2016

More face reading fun. Our society does not value aging sometimes because we are attached to ideas that make us suffer. If you value wisdom, you will value aging. If you don't have lines, you actual roam endlessly without purpose and out of balance. Hopefully this post will help you value the stage you are at and love yourself more.

This is Keanu Reeves, he's in his 50s now. He recently said he went through years of depression and has a new outlook on life.

There's something called shen, which is inner light in your eyes. The shen and intensity is less in his eyes now. There is more sorrow but also more compassion in them. The wrinkles on the forehead shows he has learned the lessons completely. If wrinkles are not complete on the forehead, you must pick up the lesson to complete it!

His nose seems to have widen a bit broadening his energy. His jawline is not as harsh, making him more open to views and not as stubborn.

His chin has flatten which means there is more logic and not so emotionally charged.

We must not be sad because that is our projection and filters. smile emoticon He is more creative, wise, and humble now. We are suppose to experience different things and seasons. Embrace your life experiences for the life that is waiting for you.

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