You don't live in a world, the world lives in YOU

How your face can change over the years, growing your powers

February 08, 2016

I'm doing a workshop on face reading this week. We are learning about the wisdom in your face. Your face changes over the years revealing your superpowers. It shows you what is in your life presently.

Because the Broncos just won the SuperBowl, I thought this would be a fun share regarding Peyton Manning. They say Peyton has stored the plays in his head...this is true with his forehead and ears! The forehead is "inherited gifts" how you make decisions, and your willpower. He can make quick rational decisions, has the ability to focus on details. He's a great visionary with lots of logic and kindness.

I wouldn't be surprised if he entered politics in his next career cycle. He would be able to move many mountains for the higher good.

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