Clear your text conversations, emails, and cache to get rid of dense energy

September 17, 2018

Manifesting Monday.

Wanna feel lighter instantly and dissolve some EMFs and density to your energy field? Wanna be more organized and productive? 

Clear out your text messages, emails, and cache today. Make this a weekly habit to remove energetic blocks, density, and EMFs. Bless and release it when you do.

I thank all the connections I had and wish them a happy life. I set the intention for our paths to start fresh and renewed again sooner than later. You would be surprise how much clearer and lighter you are. Your phone and computer also operate so much faster.

Then look at your schedule and ask “is this something I’m doing to be busy or productive?” Ask you spirit what you need to connect to. This will make you more conscious and choose whats right for you, manifesting the life you want.

Let me know how you feel with a reply, call, or post on our social media =)

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