Divorce the Story, Marry the Truth

September 19, 2016

One of my 1st clients randomly texted today and needed a mobile spray tan, paying me $250 for him and his wife. He needed one last week as well and gave me the same. I never asked for a price, he just signed a check.

I also got another request for a mobile tan today in which I asked $70. She tipped me $20 and wanted a Chinese face reading along with another tan for next week.

5 years ago I started out $25 for an airbrush tan at the studio and $35 for mobile!

It makes me really evaluate my self worth. Studying Chinese face reading, I now understand my elemental challenges. My life challenge with confidence is the essence of having to give value to my work, not knowing my worth, bending to other people's needs, thinking I'm NOT yet "grown-up" and a professional.

This last year has been a huge break through year because of my practice with #Chinesefacereading,#energyclearings, #meditation, and also#tonyribbons. There are so many layers that I was in denial of, even though I thought I was so conscious and open! The stories you believe in create your perception, experience, and decisions. It is the number #1 reason we don't believe we are worthy and have a mediocre life.

Healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually has to be done in layers otherwise you cannot handle it. Life is always happening FOR you not TO you. There is always healing and growing on life's journey, the spiritual ninjas path is a continuous path of stops and starts.

One my new favorite saying from Tony is "divorce the story, marry the truth." This is my mantra for the rest of the year to clear any other remaining blocks.

If you haven't seen Tony's new documentary "I am not your guru", I encourage you take 2 hours to do it. It will connect you to inspiration, passion, peace, success, and love. The stories will make you cry because they are so heart felt.

Today could be your break through. This documentary will help heal the wounded warrior, blame graciously and elegantly, awaken our true lion self, believe love and grace can happen anywhere with strangers, set boundaries to what you will tolerate, and create a life by design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP7w1sQa4ds

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