Due Dates

June 12, 2017

Yesterday was Isabella's due date. We meditated a long time. We CELEBRATED things happening in "due time."

Bella has taught me to be more present, reminding me things happen in God's time, not mine. She has also reminded me to let go of "shoulds."

There really is no "due time" to accomplish a goal/expectation. When I live that way, I block miracles and intuition. God's plan is more creative and beautiful than I can dream. The process may suck in the moment. Sometimes the process is also comical...

Instead of doing gratitudes, we did THRIVINGS. I found myself going into comparison for the last 2 weeks because she is so small against other babies. You can always find something wrong, but what is right? How is it happening FOR you? She's a rock star and thriving even though she was born 2 months early.

Gabby Bernstein's shares on miracles really helped me shift and see the miracles.

Bella and I hope miracles show up for you now and always. Miracles are simply a shift in perception. Watch the video for the connection you are looking for. Share your miracles/shifts if you are so moved.


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