Friends that airbrush spray tan together, NAMASTE together!

August 02, 2019

Friends that tan together NAMASTE together. 🙋🏻💖

These ladies airbrush spray tanned for a wedding last week. The bride and bridesmaids needed to even out some tan lines. This time of the year there are many funky tan lines from all the fun Denver activities. Making it blend is not an easy task and does take artistry and mastery. Dry brushing is the best way to prep your skin. The quality of your tan depends on the quality of how you exfoliate. Not only does dry brushing give you wonderful soft skin, it is also a detox. Here’s how on our blog…/

The ladies made it a girls day. They said the best part of their day was when they picked heir sexy love notes cards at the end of the professional spray tan service. It’s always the right message. You can pick up affirmation, tarot, oracle, angel, and all sorts of cards at the studio or online. Whatever you do, put intention, play, and spirit into it!


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