Hydrate First! Make Your Tan Last Longer

June 11, 2019

We all know we must drink water but sometimes we get lazy to.

Every month I pick 2 habits to work on. In March it was to Hydrate 1st and floss daily. Not sexy habits but necessary!!! =)

Now I start my day with 2 cups of water (I try to add lemon to this) or celery juice as advise by the Medical Medium Anthony William.

If you get bored or have a hard time drinking water, add fresh fruits, herbs, veggies. Strawberries, mint, ginger, cucumbers, rosemary, oranges, peaches also adds hydrochloric acid, making the water more absorbable and hydrating for your body. You can also use essential oils, only use high quality oils such as Young Living Oils which are ingestable. I love frankincense in my water.

Being hydrated also makes your airbrush tan last longer and fade off better! 
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