Release it or Launch it? The Magic of Rituals

September 20, 2016

Last week was a really energetic week in the solar system. It was the Harvest Full Moon. This orbit won't happen again until 2029. It is also sandwiched between 2 eclipses and mercury being in retrograde. It's the physical season transitioning from summer to fall.

Because of my studies with the 5 elements with Chinese Medicine, I understand this means transitions on so many levels physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. It's a dance of embracing the current harvest with foods, family and friends, changes, appreciating experiences, and also letting go.

I was overwhelmed with clients for tans and lashes for wedding, and energy clearings of all sorts. I encouraged all of them to start their new journey with rituals, one in particular, a boat launch or release. Whatever stage you are at, you can call in that intention by releasing something or launching it. 

My friend Yen and I did this 5 years ago where I released jealously, judgement, and justification. Yen wanted to release her ex-husband. He signed the papers a week later!

I shared this Buddhist ritual with my friend Michelle and she said the vikings have a ritual like this, but it is a launch. She launched her boat going into her 50's and she's had such a wonderful re-inventing adventure so far. 

The Buddhist way is to write your release in the positive foam and send it off with a coin, flower, some dirt, and an incense. You don't have to light the incense when you release it. Before you release it, send it off with love, thanking it for the lesson, where you want him/her/it/them to be happy. Let it go and then walk away, not looking back. If you look back you will undue it because you are still holding on. Here's a link on how to fold the boat.

On Saturday I released the following

Can I tell you that evening I accidentally found Tony Robbins new documentary on YouTube, I am not your guru. I got huge shifts on healing your inner child so the man/woman appears. It had the answers I was seeking to take the next step. 

Tony Robbins was the one that got me to do rituals consistently 5 years ago to create a life by design. Every month during the new moon is when I evaluate and check in with what came in and create rituals for what I want to come in. I change it around to be present.

Daily rituals I do not stray from is sweeping and clearings to move the chi, normally in the morning. I write my morning pages and meditate. My writings and mediation will vary and there is no structure however it must involve gratefulness and appreciation. Keep it simple and FUN otherwise you will not stay with it! Many times I play my guided meditations while I'm sweeping to get a double dose. I also know I produced these meditations with the intention to raise the frequency to the highest vibrations.

Have you checked out my guided meditations? They are in the videos sections for you to try/listen. If you want to download them, go to the shop section.  

Your life unfolds according to your courage. Your life is rich in proportion to your RITUALS!

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