Retrogrades are opportunities for us to CHOOSE again

November 16, 2018

It’s 10A and I’m already a little anxious and mad at some things. I’m writing this email reminder for clients and then get 5 schedule change requests in 10 minutes. I'm told the weather will snow tomorrow. BHAH!

All of a sudden I feel this aggravation. I immediately sense it and stop to check in with my body, my personal zones. It was a -3 spin on my pendulum. So I quickly asked to remove it and then installed higher energies.I walked around my space and clapped until the thuds were crisp. I grided my space with Lemongrass essential oil and used my secret swords. I was in my zone again.

As I approached the changes, I was glad for the changes instead of getting mad. I decide to do this email with a different twist.

Don’t get mad, use your spiritual tools! It is so much lighter and refreshing.

As the holidays and year end comes, you may feel more pressure, sadness, sloth, roaming, doubt. As the metal element clears things of the season, you may have a hard time letting go and seeing the light.

In planetary talk, Venus is now out of retrograde but Mercury just moved into retrograde. The theme still is relationships, however it is on the emphasis of COMMUNICATION now. Now more than ever, we need to acknowledge our boundaries. We must not let ourselves be victims or feel hopeless.

The answer is to to plug into COMMUNITY so we are not in our heads. The world really isnt' how it is, it is HOW WE ARE. As we experience others struggles we realize how lucky and BLESSED we really are. We actually SUPPORT each other. There are better ways if we could just LISTEN to the universal whispers.

Retrogrades have gotten a bad reputation as of lately. What I’ve learned is its just ENERGY. You can use all energy to transform things. It’s a universal love gift for you to examine what you want now,  who you are now, and for you to CHOOSE AGAIN. Isn’t it wonderful when you know you have choices? Know you ALWAYS have a choice and live in consciousness and potential.

I’m giving you a choice right now. You can do things how you’ve always done. Or you can choose to come to our workshops and Spirit Fair on Sunday. Learn to see things in another lens and spiritual tools that are refreshing and help raise your vibration.

Sending you Love, Peace, Joy, and MAGIC
Thuy "twee"
Chief Happiness Officer

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