Thoughts Flow More with Fountain Pens

July 11, 2019

Do you get obsessive about learning something new?


I got fountain pens in yesterday. In a podcast with Tim Ferris I learned about fountain pens.


I have a list of 200 goals challenged by Susan Sly. On this list:  start writing/blogging regularly again, write prettier, and learn Calligraphy.


I’ve always loved fine tip pens and write better with them. I’ve seen fountain pens but never experienced them. I thought it was ridiculous they were so expensive compared to other pens.


In another podcast with @ramitsethi he challenges us to reframe and ask “why pay LESS when you can pay MORE?” This totally flips my fugal lens and Asian upbringing. What I've learned is paying higher prices on some things can really advance you in so many ways and have a totally better experience. This doesn't have to be extravagant. 


So I ordered a variety of fountain pens to experiment. I’m journaling in my backyard this morning with all my pens and it is bliss...I love the weight and how it makes my hand flow. Supposingly writing in cursive also is better for manifesting. Symbologically it connects worlds, thoughts, and people.


Would love tips or your experience with them. #nerdmaste

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