Three questions to instantly have more inspiration and gratitude

April 23, 2019

You hear all the guru's tell you how important it is to have a gratitude practice. Sometimes it is hard to be in that mindset when it feels like nothing is going right. We are trained to see the bad things in the day, where it went wrong, how we didn’t do enough or be enough...

I was challenged to do this journal-ling practice from my positive psychology course. For thirty days I must answer 3 questions:
What surprised you today?
What moved you today?
What INSPIRED you today?

In a matter of 3 days, my perspective changed on everything. It was easier to see the good in everyone and everything. I was grateful for everything that showed up. The focused changed. I got lighter, happier, and more patient.

I'd like to challenge you to try this for yourself to have daily break-throughs that lead to BIG transformations. You will become the solutions you want to see in the world. I would love your feedback and shares.

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