Transforming Energy Tip for October 2018 ~ Don't let METAL metal you

October 01, 2018

Hiya! It's Sunday Funday and the beginning of October. You are excited for the change but you may be feeling like you want to do NOTHING. You may be coming down with the very subtle energy that is AGITATING. You may be questioning what you are doing. You confidence is down. You know you gotta do something but dragging...


It is the energy of the “metal” element. It is the essence of “letting go/holding on” grief, sadness, appreciating the experiences, and enoughness. You need this because it will take you to a decision point and miracles really open up. The waves may be rather extreme. You may get fired up, do a few things and be excited and then just bomb with depression. RIDE it out. You will have to anchor a little more to “remember who you are." For those that are sensitive to others emotions, remind yourself “only ONE person per body.”


More spirits roam during this time looking for homes and people to attach too. Why do you think Halloween, all saints day, and day of the dead are in a row the end of October? Clear yourself daily and plug into high energy elements to raise your vibration and keep you in alignment. I have selenite everywhere, my favorite is our selenite tower lamp. You can purchase one online


It is important to not take drastic action, wait a few days and make the decision after you’ve rode out the emotion. LET IT COME UP! Sit in the uncomfortable a bit. You MUST get out of your denial. You must see your hell to get out of it. You will see the light from this darkness and realize there are people like you, you have more than enough, you will get creative , simplify, new doors will present themselves.


Get a reading and get insight on the season YOU are in and how it plays out with the physical season. You can book online. It is best if you start with Chinese face reading and then follow up with 2 energy clearings to see if “it works.” A shift in energy is always followed by a shift in reality.



Thuy "twee"

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