You can't say the wrong thing to the right person!

July 20, 2016

I was at the farmers market this morning and the gal working the booth sold me several different types of honey. I didn't need 4 jars of it! My friend laughed at me as she bought none. 

This week's lesson is: You can't say the Wrong thing to the RIGHT person! Every interaction can change someone's life, maybe even your own.

I often wonder if I'm too weird telling people about their features with Chinese Face Reading or stories of my wacky intuition insights. I bet the gal talking all the bee and honey talk doubted herself too but I was loving it! I now have more "sweetness" in my life! 

On Sunday 2 gals wondered into So You Boutique and I don't really have many walk-ins. One booked a teeth whitening right away. I have no idea what I told her. The other was hesitant.

I noticed on her hairline there was a spot that just grew gray hairs. I told her this was her metal element shinning through. Since it was on her hairline, on her right side, it's possibly linked to her teenage years, her mother's influence on her belief of showing up perfection and how to behave in the world, always questioning if she's good enough to start something.

I showed her my gray spot in the middle of my head and how I embraced it this year, making my hair work with that instead of covering it up. This simple shift changed me to embrace the idea of progress instead of perfectionism.

The friends exchanged a look only they could understand. Brandy said to Jill, "You gotta do it, I'll give you the gift of the teeth whitening and face reading!"  Brandy came into today to do her teeth whitening and Jill is excited to do her services on Sunday.

If you are in sales and marketing, give yourself a break and don't think about saying the right thing. Your voice will carry to those that need it. You can't say the wrong thing to the right person. 

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