Your life is like the garden that you tend to and grows in its time

August 02, 2019

My acupuncturist JP is in transition at her home until her new office is ready. It was estimated the beginning of July, and now it may be the end of August. This gave me an opportunity to come to her home for my treatment. I was so surprised at her garden. She has to maintain it but it grows abundantly NOW. She’s not sure what some of the plants are but she kept it because it’s pretty. I shared with her one of my favorite quotes is “the only difference between a weed and a flower is judgement.” She shared that peppermint is like a weed. She has to pull half of her peppermint because it has spread out of control and killing off the others. We then went into #ChineseMedicine talk of the elements and how it all comes back to the laws of nature. When one element in YOU is out of control, it will take over and put things out of balance.

I took up #gardening this year to “slow down in a fast pace world.” I’m learning a lot about how things grow. You must prep the soil, prune, weeds grow everywhere, certain water times are better, plants must accumulate to their environment, you can kill them by OVER watering, its better to let them dry completely before watering, the sun can burn them. I got frustrated because my seeds grew but most of them are dead now because of the extreme weather. I didn’t tend to them quickly enough.

Chris just finished a garden bed for me this week. I started over Monday. I got to design a new garden. It’s all fitting for a this new moon.

JP said her garden took five years to get this way. Some plants didn’t grow and then the next year it does. Some she thought was dead and then next year it came back. The power of seeds is amazing. In each seed is a programming, just like us. Time and nourishment is need for things to grow. There are “seasons” for everything.

In our culture we want instant gratification: business, love, health...we see other people’s results and compare, thinking it happens instantly. We only know the glory and not the story.

Tend to your life like your garden, it’s all symbolic. Your harvest will be abundant if you pay attention. You can start over anytime and plant new seeds. The things you plant now will grow for the next 3-10 years energetically. Don’t waste this energetic time.

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