AiryFairy Airplants

A combination of Airplants and all things ZEN to promote more chi your life. Excellent unique gifts for all occasions.

If you believe in magic, you'll love AiryFairy Airplants. Air plants defy many laws we consider plants need to survive. Plants are suppose to need roots and soil to live, yet air plants use their roots to anchor themselves to rocks and trees, they do NOT need soil. They really just need air, light, and water to survive, along with your love. When I look at these amazing things it reminds me of the basics I need to survive and it puts in perspective that things CAN grow out of thin air if you believe.

All AiryFairy Airplants are lovingly cared for and hand selected for your order. We offer free shipping on all orders $50 and over and a 30 day air plant guarantee. We love hearing from our customers, so if you have any questions or need help in selecting the right plant for your environment, please email us at

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Medium Airplant Large Airplant Xerographica


Air Plant Care

Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are some of the easiest plants to grow. They receive all of their nutrients through scales on their leaves. Their wire like roots are used for anchoring only. All bloom and produce off shoots from the base of the plant. In a year they will look even better, reproducing into clusters which can be divided or left to form a clump.

While air plants are known for being easy to grow, they still do need attention to survive and live a healthy life. They need air, water, and light to survive.   If taken care of properly, they can live for several years and will even provide "pups" for additional years of enjoyment! They are perfect decorations for the home or office.