You don't live in a world, the world lives in YOU

Events at the Ascension Station

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The Ascension Station is a sacred space for you to come hOMe to for your soul shifts. We will be offering mindful learning events for your spirit to awakening and explore. 


Group Gatherings for Awareness, Learning, and FUN!

Face It Friday with Thuy Dam

Intro to Energy Clearings with Thuy Dam


The Art of Dowsing with Deanna Glyod



Meditation Gatherings

Harmony Circle


Chant N Chill with Lisa Theis

Mantra, or chanting, is one of the most powerful ways to access a deeper state of being. Through the vibrations of mantra, channels of awareness open and you are able to experience yourself on a higher plane of existence. 

You will prepare the mind with a form of pranayama and then learn a mantra. After repeating the mantra 54-108 times you will then allow yourself to rest in the vibrations of the mantra to reach a state of meditation.

Cost: $15 per person