African Opal and White Turquoise Intention Mala

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African Opal
This stone has the qualities of other emotional healers. allowing room for more self-love and patience when learning from our past and present situations. It is a great symbol of transformation and encourages one to see from multiple perspectives.

White Turquoise (Crown Chakra)
A soft and cosmic stone, good for the crown chakra and used as an amulet of protection and good luck. Enhances ones ability to communicate with others and high powers; strengthens the immune system and heart.

*Hand and locally made by a Nepali-an

*Charged with mantras to enhance your intentions

*Guru beads will vary

 You can layer your malas, use them with meditations, and wear them as a necklace or bracelet. 

Below is a mantra and mala meditation for you to get started or add on your meditation journey. You will also receive a free 15 minute energy clearing from Thuy.

Namaste ~ May you be free, may you find peace, may you have grace and courage.

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