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" You don't live in a world, the world lives in YOU.”

For Your Higher Good Meditation will bring you to your highest good. There are many layers in this meditation that your subconscious has been looking for. This 13 minute mediation is really a song to shift your soul so you can see what you are suppose to see, feel what you are suppose to feel, and know what you are suppose to know.

There is a magical story of the creation of this meditation. I created this mediation during a time of lots of emotional uncertainty. when I felt a lot of grief, sadness, fear for myself and the world. My body was acting up again with colitis symptoms. I decided to slow down and be present to what I needed to feel, allow, and clear in its own time. 

One of my new favorite teachers, Dr. Barbara DeAngelis, recommends in her “Soul Shifts” book to start your day by simply telling yourself, “Today I will see what I'm suppose to see. Today I will feel what I'm suppose to feel. Today I will know what I'm suppose to know.” By starting your day with this mantra, you cue your subconscious for awareness. 

As I cleared documents from my computer and environment, I found old writings I had. Some jumped out at me and I rewrote it in my new journal to remind me of things I may need to learn again...that is how I put together this is what angel and guides, had me create for my highest good and yours. 

There is so much love in this meditation, love and forgiveness for yourself, so that you can love the wonderful world that we live in. The world is not how it is, it is how we are.

That same month I re-connected with Trevor Huster, the music producer of my first meditation, the Lotus Mudra Meditation. I described new visions and together we began this new meditation project.

When Trevor and I work together, I record what I've been channeled, I convey to him my vision, I ask Spirit to guide us. Trevor then fuses the music components together and we create our masterpieces for the highest good. We never know what is going to emerge, we just trust.

When Trevor was playing the piano grounding piece, I walked the room to feel and clear energy, sending my intentions. As I was doing it, I saw four angels surrounding us. I told Trevor this and we wanted their spirits in the meditation. When you hear my voice repeat, that is where the angels are lifting you up and taking you where you need to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The bells, pauses, frequencies, intentions, beliefs, and openings are all there for a reason, to guide you to openness and ONENESS.

I invite you to let energy and spirit guide you, your soul found this meditation for its awakening. Play this meditation in the background anywhere, when you are in that half dream/awake state, when you are getting ready, in the car as you drive, while you work, before going to bed. Treat it like a song instead of a mediation, something you enjoy listening to because it makes you feel good. 

Your soul will naturally find a way to meditate. 

Your journey can start TODAY, whether it be doing the meditation or just playing it in the background. This small decision can change your life. Trevor and I are happy to take this step with you, co-create with you. Feel free to let us know how it makes you feel and the magic that manifests. Your story could lift someone else, allowing them to see the light again, feeling love, hope, faith, joy, and trust.

Sending you LoVe, PeAce, and JoY


Do the meditation with me, meditation starts around 6:30

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