MD Face: flawless facial self-tanning spray

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The #1 Flawless Facial Tanning Spray recommended by some of the top plastic surgeons & dermatologist in the world! This clear self-tanning non aerosol spray is a great product for those who would like a safe, healthy looking tan for the face without the risk of having clogged pores from a bronzer. The spray is clear; however coloration will appear in 2-3 hours. M.D. FACE is the perfect sunless facial tanner for people who have acne, age spots or any other skin imperfections that the bronzers tend to emphasize.

  • tan develops in 2-3 hours
  • healthy glow, no orange
  • non-clogging, dermatologist recommended

Directions: Clean and exfoliate the face, neck and decollete for best results. Hold 8-10 inches away and spray 2 passes evenly over desired areas. Wait 5 minutes to dry or blow dry 10-15 seconds. Do a second coat for darker results. Wait 10 minutes to put on make-up. Be sure to wash your hands immediately after. Stay dry for 4 hours avoid sweating. 

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